YMCA African Alliance Youth Voices Competition

28 Oct 2015
YMCA African Alliance Youth Voices Competition

Deadline: 20 November 2015

Press release:

Make your voice heard, stand the chance to have your work published… and win a prize!
As African youth, our views and opinions must shape the present and future of our countries and continent. This means they must be heard. So it’s time to imagine… what kind of Africa do you want? What will it take to make sure that African youth are part of decisions and change that affects us?
How can we do this?


Submissions must focus on:
– Youth role in effecting change
– Decision-makers role in ensuring youth are driving the African Renaissance
– Reference must be made to Agenda 2063, the African Union development plan for Africa, as a vehicle for change and how youth can push for its implementation
Length: 1 000 – 2 500 words
Prize: Tablet PC to the value of USD 200


Submissions must focus on:
– an Africa full of possibilities for empowered youth to take action for positive change
Prize: Tablet PC to the value of USD 200

Submissions must focus on:
– Portrayal of an African youth identity that is based on belief (in self, in Africa, in change) and pride
– Focus areas may be on any of the following from a youth perspective: health, education, unemployment, technology, economic opportunities, masculinity, justice, radicalisation
Length: 500 – 2 000 words
Prize: Tablet PC to the Value of USD 200


Submissions must focus on:
– a graphic portray of youth and positive African identity
Entries must be submitted in High Resolution format.
Prize: Voucher for photographic or art equipment to the value of USD 200


Deadline: 20 November 2015
Winners’ announcement: 30 November 2015

You have to be under 35 to enter and must state your age with your entry.
You may enter as many times as you like in all categories.
Submissions must be your own work

For more information and competition posters go to our website: www.africaymca.org

Entries must be sent to news@africaymca.org and must include your full name, your country, your email address, your phone number, your age and which category you are entering.

The winners, as well as those placed second and third, will be published in an African Youth Scenarios e-book with worldwide distribution, as well as featured on AAYMCA website and youth online platform.

That’s it. No other rules. So let your creative juices flow! Get started now!


(Image courtesy of YMCA Africa Alliance)