White Horse by Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson

11 Jul 2016
White Horse by Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson

White Horse covers the three days of unprecedented testimony in the Oscar Pistorius sentencing phase, witnessed first-hand by Nick van der Leek, who was accredited for the trial.

Besides ground-breaking analysis and insights not only beyond the media narrative, but going much further than the court’s “intruder” narrative as well, the author – with a background in law – was also part of a “secret meeting” with the prosecution, regarding a “rogue witness”.

The authors interrogate defense and prosecution witnesses in-depth; once again this is at a level of investigative reporting missing from the media narrative.

The authors uncover a major insight into the forensics of the crime scene after procuring three as yet unseen images of Reeva Steenkamp directly from the Judge’s Clerk subsequent to the sentencing phase.

Nick van der Leek is a member of PEN SA

Date of Publication: July 2016
Website: nickvanderleek.com
Amazon: White Horse