PEN SA Africa Pulse #15

02 Jun 2017
PEN SA Africa Pulse #15

PEN SA Africa Pulse is a weekly round-up of news concerning cases of freedom of expression and the freedom of the press in Africa.

Kenyan media under pressure ahead of the 2017 Elections

With elections drawing near in Kenya, the freedom of the press is increasingly under pressure, according to a report by Human Rights Watch and Article 19. The conclusions are based on four months of research and interviews with journalists, editors, bloggers, human rights activists, and government officials throughout Kenya. A video that has been produced as part of the report, Kenyan journalists speak about the threats they have received whilst doing their job.
Human Rights Watch

Egypt blocks 21 websites for ‘terrorism’ and ‘fake news’

About 21 websites, including the main website of Qatar-based Al Jazeera television and prominent local independent news site Mada Masr, were banned by the Egyptian government. The government accused the websites of supporting terrorism and spreading false news.

Ethiopia shut down the country’s internet to beat exam cheats

Internet was shut down in Ethiopia on Tuesday (May 30) ahead of a scheduled national examination that was due to take place in the country on Wednesday. Reason given by the government was that the ban was an action to prevent exam leaks.

Somaliland journalist held without charge for asking question at press conference

The Committee to Protect Journalists has issued a statement to the country of Somaliland to immediately release Mohamed Adan Dirir, the editor of the online news portal Horseed Media. Dirir has been jailed without charge since Somaliland Health Minister Saleban Isee ordered police to arrest him after he asked a question at a May 24 press conference.