Dark Shenanigans by Andrew Salomon

17 Oct 2017
Dark Shenanigans by Andrew Salomon

When a tall foreigner accused of stealing honey is brought to the police station on the Greek island of Kythnos, Sergeant Laziridis’s uneventful night is about to take a very unexpected turn. A man regains consciousness and finds himself the only diner in a strange restaurant with some curious staff and a dinner literally prepared to be the meal of his life. Things fall apart on a newly-terraformed Mars. And then there are the pair of midwives from a secret society you never want to cross…

These tales and much more await in this weirdly wonderful short story collection. Dark Shenanigans includes the PEN Literary Award-winning story “A Visit To Dr Mamba” and the 2015 Short.Sharp.Story best story “Train 124”.

About the author
Andrew Salomon is an award-winning writer of short stories and novels. He has received the PEN Literary Award for African Fiction and the Short.Sharp.Stories Award. His debut novel, now published as Tokoloshe Song was shortlisted for the Terry Pratchett First Novel Award. His latest novel is the dark fantasy thriller The Equilibrist. Andrew completed an MA at the Institute for Archaeology at University College London and some of his most memorable experiences have been at rock painting and engraving sites in rock shelters and caves across the world. These often find their way into his fiction. He lives in Cape Town with his wife, two young sons and a pair of rescue dogs of baffling provenance.

Date of Publication: June 2017
ASIN: B071GR674T
Available: Amazon