Call for Submissions for PAN Anthology

22 Jun 2015
African continent

The PEN Africa Network (PAN) is putting together an anthology containing works from members of PAN centres. PEN SA members are invited to contribute poems, short stories, essays, etc., Submissions may not exceed 2,500 words and the work must be original, i.e. not previously published. The deadline for submissions is noon on the 2nd July 2015.

Submissions may be in English, French or any African language. Submissions in languages other than English and French should be accompanied by English or French translations, both of which would be contained in the anthology.

Secretary-General of PAN, Dr. Frankie Asare-Donkoh, says: “It would be refreshing to have some short stories or articles on freedom of expression, use of minority languages, effects of criminal defamation on writers, and the role of women in literature from our various countries included.”

Please send your submissions to Deborah Horn-Botha at soonest.