S4E7: Grassroots Movements, Housing and Hope

15 Jun 2022
S4E7: Grassroots Movements, Housing and Hope

In our final episode of season four, Edward Webster chairs a conversation with Akira Drake Rodriguez and Trevor Ngwane about their books.

Edward Webster is the Distinguished Research Professor at the Southern Centre of Inequality Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Akira Drake Rodriguez is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design. She is the author of Diverging Space for Deviants: The Politics of Atlanta’s Public Housing (University of Georgia Press). Trevor Ngwane is the Director of the Centre for Sociological Research and Practice at the University of Johannesburg and the author of Amakomiti: Grassroots Democracy in South African Shack Settlements (Jacana Media). 

They discuss grassroots organising in South Africa and the USA, the history of the struggle for housing, Black participatory geographies, racial capitalism, and hope.

In this episode we stand in solidarity with Moroccan Journalists Soulaiman Raissouni and Omar Radi. You can learn more about their cases here: https://pen-international.org/news/morocco-authorities-must-ensure-prominent-journalist-soulaiman-raissouni-a-fair-trial-and-release-him-pending-the-outcome-of-his-appeals and here: https://pen-international.org/news/morocco-authorities-must-ensure-prominent-journalist-omar-radi-a-fair-trial-en

Listen to the episode here: