PEN SA announces Academic Membership

13 Jun 2019

PEN SA is pleased to announce the addition of a new membership category for published academics.

To qualify for Academic Membership, applicants are required to have a record of publications accessible to an audience beyond the academe coupled with a record of publicly disseminated research findings (e.g. by means of newspaper articles, media interviews and commentaries, general fulfilment of the role of a public intellectual).

PEN SA membership is open to all who are permanently resident in South African, or any SADC member state.

The PEN SA Membership Committee reviews applications on a revolving basis, making its determinations on the basis of an applicant’s conformity with the membership eligibility criteria stipulated on the PEN SA website. PEN SA membership applicants are additionally required to commit to upholding the values expressed in the PEN Charter.

Academic Membership dues are R280 per annum (kindly note, however, that additional bank charges may be incurred depending on the  payment mode and point of origin).

Please e-mail PEN SA Centre Co-Ordinator, if you would appreciate more information on PEN SA Membership options or for guidance on how to apply.