Translation Rights

Developed by the translation and Linguistic Rights Committee, the Girona Manifesto is a ten point document designed to be translated and disseminated widely as a tool to defend linguistic diversity around the world. At PEN International’s 77th annual Congress the PEN General Assembly approved the Manifesto.

PEN members have translated the Manifesto into various languages; we encourage you to translate it into your own and continue raising awareness about the need to protect and promote linguistic diversity.

The Quebec Declaration on Literary Translation and Translators was adopted at the 81st PEN International Congress in October 2015.

If you are interested in becoming a translator there is a list of courses and degrees included on our Writing Advice page.

Read the Girona Manifesto in English as well as the versions translated into South Africa’s official languages below:

English: Girona Manifesto on Linguistic Rights

Afrikaans: Girona-Manifes Oor Taalregte

Ndebele: iManifesto yeGirona yamaLungelo wamaLimi

Sesotho: Boitsebiso ba Girona hodima Ditokelo Puong e Buuwang

Setswana: Manifesto ya Girona ya Ditshwanelo tsa Dipuo

Sepedi: Manifesto wa Girona wa Ditokelo tša Polelo

SiSwati: Mshicilelo Wase-Girona Wemalungelo Elulwimi

Tsongo: Manifesto Ya Girona Eka Timfanelo Ta Tindzimi

Tshivenda: Manifesito ya Girona ya Nga Pfanelo dza Luambo

Venda: Manifesito Ya Girona

Xhosa: eGirona Kupapasho-Nkqubo Ngamalungelo Eelwimi

Xitsonga: Manifesto ya Girona Eka Timfanelo ta Tindzimi

Zulu: Izethula zaseGirona Ngamalungelo Okusetshenziswa Kwezilimi

Find more translations of the Girona Manifesto on the PEN International website.