African Pens (2011)

11 May 2011
African Pens 2011

SAPEN brings you a brand new anthology of writings from Africa, a collection that will give the reader insight into what African writers are experiencing and writing about in the new decade.

A total of 530 entries were received for the 2011 PEN/Studzinski Literary Award. The “sifter” reading process was completed in September 2010, with a total of 1 109 readings having taken place. The book has twenty one stories and the winners were selected by J.M Coetzee.

Prize Winners 2011 – as selected by JM Coetzee
1st Prize – “The Story” by James Whyle
2nd Prize – “Heatwave” by Beth Hunt
3rd Prize – “The Ticket” by William Oosthuizen

The following five stories recieved honourable mention
“Quiver” by Rosemund J Handler
“The Sunday Paper” by Rosamund Kendal
“Parking the Guilt” by Kyne Nislev Bernstorff
“Claremont Park” by Bobby Jordan
“July” by Joline Young