Wild as It Gets by Don Pinnock

29 Jun 2016
Wild as It Gets by Don Pinnock

What’s your cat up to when you’re not around? Why do leopards walk alone? Are clouds alive? Why did someone risk their life for a single egg?

These are just a few of the questions and stories puzzled over by award-winning travel writer and naturalist Don Pinnock in this collection drawn from years of wandering around Africa.

A funny, entertaining and thought provoking book.

About the author
Dr Don Pinnock is an investigative journalist and photographer whose assignments have taken him to five continents. He has written numerous books, including the City Press Tafelberg prize winner, Gang Town, and has degrees in criminology, political science and African history. He is also a former editor of Getaway magazine.

Date of Publication: July 2016
ISBN: 9780624079026
Website: donpinnock.yolasite.com
Publisher: NB Publishers