White Horse II by Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson

26 Jul 2016
White Horse II by Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson

White Horse II continues to investigate deep into the dark matter of the Oscar behind the Great Pretender. In this narrative the authors provide additional detail of Nick van der Leek’s “secret meeting” with the prosecution, and additional information released after the fact.

The authors also deconstruct the ITV Interview, and unsurprisingly, uncover some peculiarities not only in Oscar’s additional narrative [his third version now] but in the documentary itself.

Besides following a money trail, the authors present an even more horrifying backstory to never-before seen crime footage of Reeva’s head wounds [beyond the three images already released]. There’s also an interrogation of new forensic evidence.

Once again, the rising stars of true crime – van der Leek and Wilson – provide a completely fresh look into this tragic tale. In this instance “three balls” are highlighted on which Oscar’s entire case hinges. Oscar has been juggling these three balls all along. According to the authors, if a single of these balls is fatally flawed and is dropped, Oscar’s entire case falls apart.

In White Horse II the authors demonstrate not only the defects of a single ball, but something far worse…

Nick van der Leek is a member of PEN SA

Date of Publication: July 2016
Website: nickvanderleek.com
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