Water: New Short Fiction from Africa Edited by Nick Mulgrew and Karina Szczurek

01 Mar 2016
Water: New Short Fiction from Africa Edited by Nick Mulgrew and Karina Szczurek

Edited by Nick Mulgrew & Karina Szczurek, Water: New Short Fiction from Africa is Short Story Day Africa’s third anthology of short fiction from the African continent and diaspora. This carefully-curated anthology of twenty-one stories is harvested from the over-400 entries to the project’s annual short story competition, the Short Story Day Africa Prize, in 2015.

The collection includes well-known authors – such as Cat Hellisen, Fred Khumalo, Pede Hollist, Mary Okon Ononokpono, Efemia Chela and Louis Greenberg – alongside emerging stars like Megan Ross, Dayo Ntwari, Louis Ogbere and Alexis Teyie. With settings both realistic and fantastical, and stories both lyrical and urgent, this collection is the definitive high watermark for fiction from Africa this year.


  • Alex Latimer, “A Fierce Symmetry”
  • Donald Molosi, “Beetroot Salad”
  • Wairimu Muriithi, “Love Like Blue”
  • Christine Coates, “How We Look Now”
  • Mark Mngomezulu, “Urgency”
  • Cat Hellisen, “The Worme Bridge”
  • Louis Ogbere, “Were”
  • Efemia Chela, “The Lake Retba Murder”
  • Louis Greenberg, “Oasis”
  • Chido Muchemwa, “Finding Mermaids”
  • Wesley Macheso, “This Land Is Mine”
  • Siyanda Mohutsiwa, “And Then We Disappeared Into Some Guy’s Car”
  • Alexis Teyie, “Mama Boi”
  • Mary Okon Ononokpono, “Inyang”
  • Dayo Ntwari, “Mother’s Love”
  • Thabo Jijana, “Native Mayonnaise”
  • Pede Hollist, “The Tale of the Three Water Carriers”
  • Fred Khumalo, “Water No Get Enemy”
  • Megan Ross, “Traces”
  • Florence Onyango, “Nyar Nam”
  • Mark Winkler, “Ink”

Short Story Day Africa‘s 2015 anthology Water was edited by PEN SA members Nick Mulgrew and Karina Szczurek and includes stories by PEN SA members Christine Coates, Louis Greenberg and Mark Winkler.

Date of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 9781928215080
Website: shortstorydayafrica.org