Andrew Salomon and Bridget Pitt Win in the 2015 Short.Sharp.Stories Awards

16 Jul 2015
Bridget Pitt and Andrew Salomon

Congratulations to PEN SA members Andrew Salomon and Bridget Pitt, who have been named the Judges’ Choice Winner for Best Story and Judges’ Choice Runner-Up respectively in the Short.Sharp.Stories Awards 2015.

Andrew was named the winner for his story “Train 124” and Bridget was named one of the runners-up for her story “Infant Odysseus” by judges Henrietta Rose-Innes, Ken Barris (both PEN SA members) and Makhosazana Xaba.

The winning stories have been included in the latest Short.Sharp.Stories anthology, Incredible Journey, edited by PEN SA member Joanne Hichens.

(Images courtesy of Books LIVE)