Tokoloshe Song by Andrew Salomon

01 Jul 2014
Tokoloshe Song

When Richard Nevis quit the rat race for a simpler life, being pursued across the Karoo by a book-loving assassin while trying to protect both a tokoloshe and the coveted contents of an ancient metal box was not what he had in mind. Up to now his biggest problem had been his disastrous luck with online dating.

Prejudices against tokoloshes persist, but Richard has a knack with these knee-high, intelligent creatures, and while volunteering at a shelter for mistreated tokoloshes he befriends a brave young tokoloshe named Lun. But before long, Richard and Lun come to the unwelcome attention of the hideous villain, Mamron and ruthless Cape Town crime boss, Kras.

Teaming up with a potent duo of midwives, members of a secret Order equally adept at delivering infants and devastating martial arts, Richard and Lun have to race against time to open the box, and to stay alive.

Funny and thrilling, Tokoloshe Song is Andrew Salomon’s gripping fantasy debut.

The manuscript was originally shortlisted for the inaugural Terry Pratchett First Novel Award.

Date of Publication: July 2014
ISBN: 9781415207017
Website: Tokoloshe Song
Publisher: Umuzi
Reviews: “With its original and witty take on mythology and morality, Tokoloshe Song is a novel with real heart and soul. A fantastical, fantastic and fun read – highly recommended.” – Sarah Lotz.

“In this beautifully crafted book, Salomon leads us into an impossible world which he deftly makes us believe is real.” – Colin Cotterill.