Three PEN SA Members Receive 2016 ANFASA Grants

22 Mar 2017

Congratulations to PEN SA members Simone Haysom, Michael Schmidt and Jamala Safari who are among the 24 recipients of the Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa’s (ANFASA) Grant Scheme for Authors.

The grants are intended to help the authors spend time on their writing, do further research and finish the books. Read Haysom, Schmidt and Safari’s book proposals below:

Sarah Simone Haysom: The Outshining Ones: A Story of Law‚ Justice and Betrayal
The proposed book is about a 22-year old albino man‚ Rowan du Preez‚ who was found naked and dying of burn wounds in the dunes beside Mfuleni‚ a poor township in Cape Town. The case soon became extraordinary‚ and not just because the man had been necklaced. It attracted attention because the woman charged with his murder was a well-known local activist who had been crusading against police corruption and ‘mob justice’.

Michael Schmidt: Death Flight: Apartheid’s Secret Massacre
This is about the trial of SADF chemical warfare chief Dr Wouter Basson and how evidence over the period 1979-1987 showed that some 200 prisoners of war‚ most from SWAPO’s Liberation Army of Namibia‚ were drugged at the Fort Rev’ special forces base at Ondangwa with muscle relaxants that caused their lungs to collapse‚ loaded into a Piper Seneca‚ and flown from Fort Rev to an airstrip at Etosha Pan‚ where the aircraft refuelled‚ before flying out over the Atlantic Ocean and dropping the POWs to their deaths from a height of 3.6 km.

Jamala Safari: Fatherhood: A Smile‚ a Laughter and a Tear
This project reflects on the experience of young black fathers in contemporary South Africa based on their interactions with their children. “The story is told through my eyes‚ as a father‚ an uncle‚ a son and a friend. It goes further to speak about how my upbringing and the interactions with my father have greatly influenced my parenting style.”

See the full list of grant recipients: Times LIVE

(Image courtesy of ANFASA)