Thoughts in a Makeshift Mortuary by Jenny Hobbs

01 Mar 2014
Thoughts in a Makeshift Mortuary

1985. In a mountain village in Lesotho, a father rages as a mother weeps. Shot dead: their only daughter Rose, a teacher, and her husband Jake, an activist and poet. South Africa’s laws forced them into exile, while hooded gunmen took their lives. Amid the sorrow and commotion of funeral preparations, Rose and her parents’ evolving understanding of their turbulent country and of each other unfolds, always intimately connected with the lives of the women who worked for them. But all has not been lost: there was a survivor of the shooting. Hope.

Thoughts in a Makeshift Mortuary was first published in 1989. This is a new edition after 25 years.

Date of Publication: March 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4152-0389-7
Publisher: Umuzi
Reviews: Mail & Guardian and Rapport.