The Zombie and the Moon: More Tales From the Shaman’s Record by Peter Merrington

01 Aug 2011
The Zombie and the Moon

This first sequel to Zebra Crossings: tales from the shaman’s record (Jacana, 2008) continues the healing exploits of the urban shaman Malibongwe Ngingingini and his apprentice Anna Persens. A troubled zombie is expelled in the mid-eighteenth century from Jamaica to the Cape. He builds a career on greed, neediness and hunger for power. The Moonflight heralds a cleansing of the land; the zombie flees to the Southeastern USA and (attending a conference in New Mexico) Malibongwe and Anna intervene to bring about a shapeshifting and a healing. The novel draws on local and global myth, legend and fairytale including a version of ‘the beauty and the beast’ and ‘sleeping beauty’. Vuka, vukane nina nonke! It is the time of awakening!

The Zombie and the Moon was written with a creative writing fellowship from GIPCA, the Gordon Institute for the Creative and Performing Arts, at UCT. It is the first title to be published by Jacana’s newly established Jacana Literary Foundation. Peter Merrington is working on the next sequel in the shaman’s record.

Date of Publication: August 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4314-0171-0
Publisher: Jacana Media
Reviews: The Sowetan