The TSSF (The Single Story Foundation) Journal is open for submissions

19 Feb 2018
The TSSF (The Single Story Foundation) Journal is open for submissions

Deadline: April 30

The TSSF (The Single Story Foundation) seeks well-crafted stories about Africa, Africans, and African issues in all genres from writers of African descents or those associated with Africa. They are looking for submissions for their two issues this year. The editorial team for Issue 2 will consists of PEN SA member Sindi Busuku-Mathese, Sibongile Fisher, and Tolu Daniel; Issue 3’s will be Safia Elhillo, PEN SA member Megan Ross, and Tolu Daniel. Both issues will have PEN SA member Tiah Beautement as Managing Editor.

We accept all kinds of stories, whether genre or literary. Send us your speculative, thrillers, romance, comedy, Sci-Fi, magical realism, contemporary, historical, history, mystery, adventure, fantasy, etc. stories and poems.

We do not offer a specific theme to adhere to. Therefore we would like a plethora of stories that deal with different themes. Don’t be afraid to send us stories that deal with chronic illnesses, disability, LGBTQI issues, depression, and anxiety, etc.

We welcome any story or poem, in any category or subject as long as it isn’t racist, sexist, or promoting hatred. We believe that anything, from speculative fiction to romance, to a queer space opera, can be a wonderfully well-written story or poem.

Full details and submissions info here.