The Tree Whisperer by Pieter Scholtz

12 Dec 2012
The Tree Whisperer

Angel is unusual not only for her habit of adopting different names for different people, she is also the “Tree Whisperer” of the title.

The story is about how the author and Angel share a journey of discovery. Angel helps the author to travel beyond the familiar world of fantasy which is peopled with his creations, to a world where he touches the pain and anguish of others. He discovers that the real world has many dimensions, like his fantasy world, and that there really is no definitive reality.

The author helps Angel revisit the scenes of her childhood and discover how her affinity with trees was born. He also enables Angel to come to terms with the dark secret of her childhood that she has concealed from herself and from others.

The book is available at selected bookshops in Durban and Cape Town, and by ordering through Retail price is R110,00 plus postage.

Date of Publication: 12.12.2011
ISBN: 978-0-620-50860-5
Publisher: Horus Publications
Reviews: “St Clement’s rides again. As we canter into the Christmas season, this coming Monday’s arty drinks and dins get-together in Musgrave Road will feature the launching of Pieter Scholtz’s novella, The Tree Whisperer.

I’ve had a squint already. It’s an autobiographical fantasy with locales that range from the Ixopo hill country to the Dlinza forest, at Eshowe, to the Durban beachfront.

It explores the mystery of existence, tapping into Zen, Christianity and a kind of pantheistic mysticism. Characters include a leprechaun, a tokoloshe, a nun and a winsome girl of great perspicacity and mystery.

It’s a beguiling read. What happened between Pieter and this Girl?
I can’t give away too much. I can’t even tell you if it was the butler wot done it. You have to read it for yourself.” – Graham Linscott, The Natal Mercury, 09/12/2011