The Secret of the Bird God by Evadeen Brickwood

01 Nov 2017
The Secret of the Bird God by Evadeen Brickwood

Finding their way back to Alesia and their home in the future turns out to be more difficult than the time travellers expected. War breaks out in the Mediterranean Sea and forces Katherine, Trevor and Chriseis to travel overland. Nothing here is the way they thought it would be and who has ever heard of Egypt without pyramids? To top it all off, evil giants continue to haunt them and somebody seems to be standing in their way. Eventually, they find out the shocking truth. Can the elusive Bird God help the children get to safety in time?

About the author
Evadeen Brickwood grew up with two sisters in Germany and studied cultural sciences and languages. As a young woman, she travelled extensively and many of her books are inspired by her experiences abroad. Feeling adventurous, the newly qualified translator moved to Africa in 1988 and worked for two years as a secretary and language teacher in Botswana. The author eventually settled in South Africa, where she got married and raised two daughters. In Johannesburg, Evadeen Brickwood studied computers and management of training and worked as a corporate software trainer and as a professional translator and lecturer at WITS University. In 2003, she began her writing career with youth novels in the Remember the Future series, about adventures in prehistory. Book 1, Children of the Moon, has been published twice in South Africa and translated into German. The Secret of the Bird God is the third book in time travel series. The author now self-publishes and the fourth book in the series will be released soon. Her works also include the novels Singing Lizards (Singende Eidechsen in the German edition) and Abenteuer Halbmond, which will be released with the English title A Half Moon Adventure soon. Evadeen has been a member of PEN since 2006 and lives with her family in Johannesburg.

Date of Publication: October 2017
ISBN: 9781548266882