The Savage Hour by Elaine Proctor

01 Jun 2016
The Savage Hour by Elaine Proctor

An isolated farm in rural post-apartheid South Africa is the scene of a suspicious death that fractures a tense community.

De Wildt, South Africa.

Ouma is a white doctor running her own farm in the rural backwaters. Over eighty years old, she has seen apartheid rise and fall, but treats everyone – man and woman, black and white – with the same fierce respect and hard-won wisdom.

Until the day she is found drowned in the dam on her own land.

At first, only her granddaughter suspects anything other than an accident. But as the shockwaves spread, the fractures follow – exposing family, police, and a whole community on the edge of a harsh world – that needs only a push to fall into savagery.

About the author

Elaine Proctor was born in South Africa. She became involved in the anti-apartheid movement as a teenager and filmed several political documentaries up until 1986, when the political situation made it impossible for her to continue and she left to study at the National Film and Television School in Britain. She has made several films, including On The Wire (winner of the British Film Institute’s Sutherland Trophy) and Friends (selected by the Cannes Film Festival and winner of the Mention Speciale – Prix de Camera D’Or), has written a series for the BBC and published two novels, Rhumba and The Savage Hour. She sits on the chapter for screenwriting at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and is a member of the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain. Elaine lives in Queen’s Park, London.

Date of Publication: June 2014
ISBN: 9781782066538
Publisher: Jonathan Ball