The Rhino Whisperer by Evadeen Brickwood

25 Oct 2017
The Rhino Whisperer by Evadeen Brickwood

Another mystery novel set in modern South Africa. This time, the murders of a ranger and a rare black rhino in the idyllic Shangari Safari Park rattle the local community of Rutgersdrift. Sofia Helenius from Finland lives at the lodge with her boyfriend Tom Rutgers, the owner of Shangari. Sofia is tormented by a secret she yearns to share with Tom, but the cruel events grab the limelight and put everything else in the shade. One of the native Khoi-San families is known to communicate with wild animals, but what if the criminals get wind of this gift?
When another murder happens in the city of Johannesburg, smouldering secrets begin to unravel. How are the murders connected and will it be possible to halt a relentless crime-syndicate in order to save an African paradise?

About the author
Evadeen Brickwood grew up with two sisters in Germany and studied cultural sciences and languages. As a young woman, she travelled extensively and many of her books are inspired by her experiences abroad. Feeling adventurous, the newly qualified translator moved to Africa in 1988 and worked for two years as a secretary and language teacher in Botswana. The author eventually settled in South Africa, where she got married and raised two daughters. In Johannesburg, Evadeen Brickwood studied computers and management of training and worked as a corporate software trainer, professional translator and lecturer at WITS University.

In 2003, she began her writing career with youth novels in the Remember the Future series, about adventures in prehistory. Book 1, Children of the Moon, has been published twice in South Africa and translated into German. The author now self-publishes and other books in the series are released on a regular basis. Her works include the novels Singing Lizards (Singende Eidechsen in the German edition) and Abenteuer Halbmond, which will be published in English with the title A Half Moon Adventure soon.

Date of Publication: August 2017
ISBN: 9781548266936