The Last Book on Earth by Catriona Ross

11 May 2018
The Last Book on Earth by Catriona Ross

Southern Africa, 2065. Liyan Madikizela is four months pregnant when her partner Tym, a deep-web researcher, reads out a puzzling entry from an Englishwoman’s 1836 travel journal. While visiting a lush farm with a manor house set below a loaf-shaped mountain, the writer reportedly saw men in unusual suits and helmets, carrying ‘armaments, some of which seemed to emit light’. But when Tym tries to view remnants of the farm via satellite imagery, it remains a mystery. Finding the place becomes his obsession, and later, when city inhabitants flee to the countryside after a solar storm, he realises he is not the only one with the knowledge.

Meanwhile, energy-healer Freya and matter-sculptor Myx, rival honours students at the elite Altereal BioPhysix Institute, have found themselves trapped in a test scenario in a burnt-out forest under a mountain. A man with no name is searching for a woman he cannot remember but has loved across space and time. A shaman arrives with a message from the dead for Liyan and her baby, and two armies advance, seeking arable land and new beginnings. Who will claim the place – if it really exists?

Enter a world of radiance and brutality, loss and hope, time travel and physics.

About the author:
Catriona Ross is a freelance journalist and author from Cape Town. Formerly features editor on Cosmopolitan and O, The Oprah Magazine, she has written several books including The Love Book, The Presence of Peacocks, Story Star and An Uncommon Gift: the story of the South African Bone Marrow Registry and the lives changed by stem cell donation. She has a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Cape Town.

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