The 30-Year Safari by Justin Fox

14 Feb 2019
The 30-Year Safari by Justin Fox

In April 2019, Getaway celebrates its 30th birthday. Over the past three decades, this magazine has captured the spirit of African travel, reaching millions of readers. Getaway photographs have unleashed our imaginations and have, over the years, worked their way into almost every media, embedding themselves in South African culture.

At a rough estimate, the ’30-year safari’ has entailed some 6 000 journeys filling more than 30 000 pages and producing hundreds of thousands of images. Assignments have found its photojournalists travelling to all corners of the continent, summiting the highest peaks, traversing deserts and jungles, and diving its seas and lakes.

The 30-Year Safari is the magazine’s fourth coffee-table book and focuses primarily on work from the last decade. It’s the first to combine the images of both the readers and journalists – a fitting tribute to both on its 30th birthday.

Edited by PEN member Justin Fox
Publisher: Jacana
Release date: 30 March 2019