Tebatso Gaan See Toe by Maya Fowler

14 Feb 2019
Tebatso Gaan See Toe by Maya Fowler

Set in the December holidays of 1983/84, Maya Fowler’s new novel follows Tebatso – a mother of three, who has been raising the children of a Free State family for as long as they can remember – on a life-changing journey, as she joins the family she’s been working for on a family vacation to the coast.

This is the first time Tebatso will be visiting the seaside and – while she cannot visit the ‘whites only’ beach due to apartheid legislation – gives her a rare opportunity to expand her horizons in all senses of the word.

Through two serendipitous meetings with strangers, her comfortable thought patterns are challenged and she starts to see the world differently.

Publisher: Protea Boekhuis