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August 2016 events

Below you’ll find a list of events featuring PEN South Africa members, as well as a selection of other noteworthy literary events, classes and workshops happening around South Africa. If there is an event you’d like us to feature let...

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The Tree Whisperer by Pieter Scholtz

Angel is unusual not only for her habit of adopting different names for different people, she is also the “Tree Whisperer” of the title. The story is about how the author and Angel share a journey of discovery. Angel helps...

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The Tree Whisperer

Tales from the Graveyard by Pieter Scholtz

These Tales from the Graveyard tell of the ghostly inhabitants of a little cemetery near the village of Loupiac, in France. Date of Publication: 12th November 2012 ISBN: 978-0-620-53349-2 Publisher: Horus Publications Reviews: “These tales leave lingering aftertastes of delight,...

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Tales from the Graveyard

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