Sparked by Hsien W Lou

05 Oct 2015

Hsien W Lou’s epic novel, Sparked, tells the tale of Ner Relc Alcott, Death’s son, sent to Earth to track down four illegal souls suspected of cheating Death by stealing the life Sparks of others.

Ner unexpectedly meets mathematician Emma Dove, who doesn’t seem to be afraid of him at all.

Together they search for the undead, but someone else is collecting Sparks, someone with more sinister motives…

About the author

I grew up in a small town and a close knit family. And since my family is a big supporting factor and most of the time we get a long fairly well, I always want all the characters in my book to have happy 3D-Book-Templateendings but it is almost never the case.

My fans mean a lot, I do hope they find an interest in the books and I believe it is important to gain their opinions of the story and characters. I think it is important as fans/ readers assist you to improve so I do value them and their opinions.

Date of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 9781502449757
Publisher: Swann Books