Short.Sharp.Stories Announces 2016 Theme: Die Laughing

24 Aug 2015
Short Sharp Stories

Deadline: 15 December 2015

Short.Sharp.Stories has announced that its theme for the 2016 competition and anthology is “Die Laughing”.

We encourage writers to poke a little fun at our crazy country. There are so many starting points for humour: our politics, our idiosyncrasies, our down-right ridiculous habits. There’s plenty of opportunity to look on the lighter, brighter side of life and bring a ‘smile to our dial’. Hilarity, a good old belly-laugh, or a little light-hearted fun are what we’re looking for. And, of course, there’s room for dark humour – for irony, satire and tragicomedy – because humour at its best is often underscored by life’s great disasters.

As ever, we’re looking for originality, good writing, and for that special something that makes a story truly and proudly South African. Read more on the Two Dogs / Mercury Books LIVE blog

Website: Short.Sharp.Stories

This year’s competition was won by PEN SA member Andrew Salomon, with fellow member Bridget Pitt chosen as one of the runners-up.

(Image courtesy of Short.Sharp.Stories on Twitter)