Shadow Chasers – Book 2: Lake Of Memories by Bontle Senne

08 Feb 2017
Shadow Chasers – Book 2: Lake Of Memories by Bontle Senne

Zithembe has to find his knife to rescue his mother from the evil Army of Shadows. The only way to find it is to go to the Lake of Memories in the dreamworld, where it guarded by the evil Mami Wata water spirits. Without a knife of his own, Zithembe can’t go to the dreamworld, so his friend Nom and his cousin Rosy have to take their lives in their hands to help him… Lake of Memories is the second book in the ‘Shadow Chasers’ series.

About the author

Bontle Senne is a book blogger and literacy advocate. She wrote her first short story at 6 years old and her first book review at 9 years old. She hasn’t stopped writing ever. Bontle is a former managing director at the Puku Children’s Literature Foundation, a trustee of READ Educational Trust and a part owner of feminist trade publishing house Modjaji Books. She occasionally writes books reviews for the Sunday Times and even though it was a long time since she was 16, her favourite books are still books for teens. She has spoken around the world in Congo-Brazzaville, Germany, France and, of course, South Africa about African children’s books and reading.

Date of Publication: 2016
ISBN: 9781928346364
Publisher: Cover2Cover Books