So Long, Aerodrome and Thanks For All the Wonderful Words

12 Feb 2019
So Long, Aerodrome and Thanks For All the Wonderful Words

PEN SA notes with sadness the closure of South African literary journal, Aerodrome.

Founded by PEN SA member Alexander Matthews and digital designer Djameela Daniels in July 2013, the publication has been a refreshing source of literary inspiration and a space for writers to share their work and receive feedback from their peers.

In his farewell note, Matthews shares that while his passion for reading and writing remains strong, the urge to review books, interview authors and provide a platform for creative writing – all of which are driving forces behind Aerodrome – has gradually waned.

“The past nearly six years have certainly been a worthwhile and often joy-filled journey. Thanks to this little literary journal, I’ve encountered many wonderful books, readers, authors, editors and publicists, some of whom have become dear friends,” he writes.

AERODROME’s website will no longer exist and we will no longer be publishing more content. However, its more than 650 pieces will continue to live on, archived for your reading pleasure on

You can read Matthews’ full letter here.