Poetry: Dryad Press Announces Open Submissions

23 Jan 2019
Poetry: Dryad Press Announces Open Submissions

Deadline: 1 April to 30 April 2019

Dryad Press will be accepting submissions for original collections of poetry from South African poets, or poets living in South Africa throughout April 2019. Manuscripts from writers of any experience will be accepted.

Manuscripts must be predominantly written in English or Afrikaans, or a combination of those languages. Every manuscript will be read, and all will be considered for publication. We ask for smaller collections of poetry of between 50-60 pages.

Most books published by Dryad Press contain approximately 40 poems and we recommend that you submit manuscripts that do not substantially exceed this in length.

Successful manuscripts will be published in the manner and format that Dryad Press deems appropriate. Manuscripts containing poems previously published in magazines, anthologies, journals, or online will be accepted, as long as each previously-published poem is acknowledged in the manuscript.

More information is available on the Dryad Press website.