PEN South Africa Has a New Logo and Slogan

06 Jun 2018
PEN South Africa Has a New Logo and Slogan

PEN South Africa is proud to unveil our new logo and slogan, updated to better reflect and represent our role in southern African society.

Designed by PEN SA Head of Communications Nick Mulgrew, the new logo and accompanying logotype is based in colour on the old PEN SA logo (which in turn was based in form on the logo of PEN International.) Although we don’t want to be too prescriptive about what people see in it, the logo references three images: a fountain pen nib, a human figure, and the central “Y” band of the South African flag.

Paired with bold, modern and clean type, the new logo distinguishes the South African PEN Centre from other centres, while retaining a link to our parent organisation.

Conceived by the PEN SA Board, our new slogan, “Free Writing”, constitutes PEN SA’s mission as an imperative – to free writing and writers – as well as the ideal it stands for in South Africa and beyond: for writing to be a liberating and empowering act. While PEN SA’s ambit is broad – from advising lawmakers to maintaining a database of opportunities for writers – our new identity re-affirms our advocacy work on behalf of writers and our celebration of literature in our country.