PEN SA Notes the Re-Classification of Inxeba to X18

15 Feb 2018
PEN SA Notes the Re-Classification of Inxeba to X18

PEN SA notes with concern the re-classification by the Film and Publication Board of the film Inxeba – The Wound from 16LS, to X18, which serves to essentially outlaw the distribution and showing of the film in most public places, including cinemas. Notice of Inxeba‘s reclassification comes after an official PEN SA statement condemning cancellations of the film’s screenings.

This reclassification is the result of appeals lodged by inter alia CONTRALESA Gauteng and The Men and Boys Foundation, largely based on “perceived cultural insensitivity and distortion and strong language” in the film. The effect of the re-classification from 16SL to X18 is that the film cannot be distributed except by designated adult premises, as defined by the Film and Publications Act no 96 of 1996 as amended. One of the objectives of this act, we note, is the protection of children from harmful material, including pornography; the protection of children is similarly “paramount to the mandate of the FPB”.

PEN SA appeals to the Film and Publications Appeals Tribunal to furnish reasons for the decision to overturn the previous FPB classification of the film, including, but not limited to, the reason for which a classification that did not classify the film as available to children needed to be modified. We also express concern that, according to the FPB Appeals Tribunal’s own communication, these reasons have not yet been “finalized”.

PEN SA will continue to monitor this process as it develops.

The full text and press release from the FPB on the matter is available for download here: FPB Appeal tribunal overturns the rating for Inxeba – The Wound