PEN SA member contributes to Book Dash

07 May 2019
PEN SA member contributes to Book Dash

Rooting out illiteracy in South Africa requires books. But books are often expensive, making it impossible for low-income families to benefit from the hard work of authors and publishers.

To remedy this, Book Dash gathers volunteer professionals to create new, high-quality African storybooks that anyone can freely translate and distribute.

Volunteers always form teams of three – comprising a writer, an illustrator and a designer – which are supported by an editor and a team of facilitators to create these charming books within a mere 12-hour event (called a Book Dash).

PEN SA professional member, Sam Wilson recently participated in a Book Dash, helping to create two beautiful children’s stories.

Working with illustrator, Alex Latimer and Anita van der Merwe, he did the writing for Shh! Baby is asleep! Why is everyone making so much noise?

Following this, he joined forces with Mary-Anne Hampton (illustrator) and Pippa Serritslev (designer) to create I want to!

Find out more on the Book Dash site.