PEN SA Africa Pulse #3:

03 Feb 2017
PEN SA Africa Pulse #3:

PEN SA Africa Pulse is a weekly round-up of news concerning cases of freedom of expression and the freedom of the press in Africa.

One of the SABC 8 journalists shot in the face with a pellet gun

Suna Venter, one of the ‘SABC 8’ journalists, was shot in the face with a pellet gun two weeks ago whilst walking out of a store in Johannesburg. Venter is part of a group of eight SABC journalists who were fired for objecting to former COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s policy that the SABC will no longer air footage of violent protests. Apart from the pellet gun attack, there have been two break-ins at Venter’s home since the case went to court.

Somali journalists risk bullets and bombs to get the story

On Wednesday 25 January, several reporters rushed to the Dayah Hotel after an attack by al-Shabab militants to interview rescue workers and take pictures of the damage. During the interviews, a second bomb went off, injuring seven journalists. A reporter for French news agency AFP, was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Libyan police seize books they claim are against Sunni values

On 20 January, a police brigade in Al-Marj, a city in eastern Libya, released a video in which they showed off books they had confiscated from a truck that was transporting them to Benghazi, claiming that the books were against Sunni values. The book haul included books about Shia Islam, works by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho.
India Live Today

Journalist Ahmed Abba a victim of Cameroon’s war on terror

In an effort to censor the public’s right to information about Boko Haram’s attacks in Cameroon, the government has resorted to targeting the journalists that are reporting on the security situation in the country. One of the journalists that has been arrested is Ahmed Abba, a Hausa-language correspondent with Radio France Internationale in the country’s Far North region, the worst affected region by activities of both Boko Haram and security forces. Abba has been in prison for 18 months now and is awaiting a verdict.
Big News Network, Radio France Internationale