Nameless the Hitman by Hsien W Lou

07 Aug 2017
Nameless the Hitman by Hsien W Lou

Nameless the Hitman follows the humorous journey of Nameless, a famous Hitman who lives in a non-existent earthly city called Raines. It is filled with mythical and strange creatures living in an urban age. Nameless is accused of nepotism by a Journalist of the notorious Yearly Magazine and finds himself unemployed. He is forced to find an average-paying job in order to hire a lawyer and clear his name. During his struggles, he stumbles onto the truth of the accusation…and a few other unnecessary dealings with gangs, politicians, rebels, and more.

About the author

Hsien W Lou is a South African born author, who enjoys writing dark, humorous speculative fiction and romance. She has written four books so far: Sparked: The Beginning, Sparked 2: The Variation, Cocooned Love, Nameless the Hitman; and is in the process of writing others – The Silversmiths, Camouflaged Love, Eastern Sorcery and Mental Delusion. She is also developing Sparked and Cocooned Love into comics. Her favourite authors include Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. She likes to describe herself as an author, a human, and a living organism.

Date of Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781545236420