May I Want by Tiah Beautement

14 Feb 2019
May I Want by Tiah Beautement

To some, the seas hold many mysteries, but not to Laila. Her seaborne gifts have given her much, but when she is visited by an old acquaintance from her previous life she will find out that all gifts, hers included, come at a price.

This standalone short story by Tiah Beautement weaves a spell-binding tale of love, loss and longing, playing itself out in a small seaside hamlet.

Laila is a weaver like her mother before her, and her mother’s mother, and so on. She harvests silk from the sea to weave beautiful cloth that bestows luck on its owner. She never receives payment, but is cared for by the village, allowing her to support herself and her young daughter, Ziya.

She receives a request to weave a garment for the Lady of the town, but refuses to do it unless the Lady herself pays Laila a visit to ask her in person.

Publisher: Stubborn Raven