Life Out of the Ordinary by Ntshala Mahase

25 May 2017
Life Out of the Ordinary by Ntshala Mahase

Growing up in the deep suburbs of Hyde Park Tom knew little about white privilege. He knew less about the other side of society where grass is certainly much less greener. All it took was a special trip to school to set his eyes into the impoverished conditions other people live in. He went on a transformational journey. Was he creating his own fairy-tale imaginary world? Was it a world in which all people are equal? Or was his ugly truth becoming real? He suffered a great deal of emotional anxiety and depression. Will Tom succeed in getting rid of his life? Or will he finally find peace?

“Ever since I was young I have always believed everything I was told, about myself and the world. I couldn’t have been freer, more in control, more sane. I can feel the weight off my shoulders. I finally broke the shackles.”

About the author

Ntshala Mahase is a law student at the University of the Free State. He is a human rights activist and a graduate of Activate Change Drivers Programme. He runs a non-governmental organisation called Cause of Action. Life out of the Ordinary is his debut novel. He is currently residing in Bloemfontein.

Date of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 9780620665018
Publisher: New Voices Publishing Services