Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-PO

01 Mar 2008
Letters to the World

Edited by Moira Richards, Rosemary Starace, Lesley Wheeler and others.

Letters to the World is the first anthology of its kind-a feminist collaboration born from The Discussion of Women’s Poetry Listserv (Wom-po), a vibrant, inclusive electronic community founded in 1997 by Annie Finch. With an introduction by D’Arcy Randall and brief essays by the poets themselves reflecting on the history and spirit of the listserv, the book presents a rich array of viewpoints, and poems ranging from sonnets to innovative forms.

259 contributors, 19 countries, 5 continents

Australia * Canada * Cuba * France * Germany * Greece * India * Iran * Italy * Ireland * Mexico * New Zealand * Norway * Palestine * Philippines * Romania * South Africa * U.K. * United States

Date of Publication: March 1, 2008
ISBN: 978-1597090995
Website: Letters to the World on Amazon
Publisher: Red Hen Press
Reviews: “The collective voice of these bold, humorous, and striking poems captures a vast spectrum of feminine experience and proves “her story” a force to be reckoned with. The reader is swept up by a perfect storm of tenderness, wit, narrative and lyrical vision, culled from the seasoned and emergent, those close to home and she who speaks to us continents away. Oh, Mighty Wom-po, long may you serve!” – Dorianne Lauxauthor of Awake, What We Carry, Smoke, and Facts About the Moon.

“Panoramic in scope, these Letters to the World and from the world of the on-line Wom-Po Listserv exult in a constellation of voices both individual and now connected. I can’t help but think of Emily Dickinson, whose line provides the title for this anthology, privately binding her poems with needle and thread and storing them away. It’s a gift that we have these poems available from a community that is passionate about poetry and women’s voices. It’s a conversation in which we should all be engaged. It’s a new cosmos. Imagine if Dickinson had been able to log on.” – Gary Shortauthor of Theory of Twilight, Flying Over Sonny Liston, and 10 Moons and 13 Horses