Hendrick’s Tiny Tales Contest is Open for Entries

06 Sep 2017
Hendrick’s Tiny Tales Contest is Open for Entries

Deadline: 11 October 2017

The Hendrick’s Tiny Tales Contest is open for entries of stories consisting of three sentences or less. The four winning stories will be produced as an animated film.

Entry guidelines: Hendrick’s Gin

Press release from Hendrick’s Gin:

The World’s Tiniest Book-To-Movie Deal

The delightful Hendrick’s Gin invites all budding curiously minded writing extraordinaires to participate in the world’s smallest book-to-movie deal, otherwise known as the HENDRICK’S TINY TALES CONTEST. This writing contest is open to anyone and everyone who deem him or herself unusually inclined in their thinking.

If you are able to string a sentence together, you are eligible to enter and are encouraged to partake in our latest monumental yet miniscule idea inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous short story, ‘For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn’. The TINY TALES CONTEST is set to showcase creativity by morphing the mind’s reveries into peculiar works of art.

The rules are quite simple, or perhaps, the rule is simple, as there is only one: write a story in three sentences or less. Enliven your creativity with the below tips:

1. Be as bold, unrestrained and odd as you have it in you to be.

2. Do not worry about being too unusual.

3. Enjoy yourself. If you are smiling or chortling as you’re writing, you are almost certainly on the right path.

The 2017 Tiny Tales campaign follows the successful 2016 campaign. Hendrick’s Gin’s panel of tiny story experts (‘tiny’ referring to the stories, not the experts) will select four winning stories throughout the competition, each of which shall be sent to the animation laboratories. There they will be produced as an animated film to be debuted on the internet with great fanfare and panache.

Entries can be submitted from September 1st, until October 11th, 2017.

Good luck to all auspicious creatives!