Gathering Shards by Emmaleen Kriel

15 Aug 2017
Gathering Shards by Emmaleen Kriel

After 10 years since my last two books were published, Close the Door Softly Behind You and Jam Every Other Day, I have at last fledged a new book consisting of 15 short stories. I have written them not only as a good read, but also for you to reflect on your own stories and hopefully inspire you to share events and happenings as you experienced them during your own life, with the next generation… and the next. Memories and stories add meaning and value to our lives. So when one day your child comes to you and ask “How was it in your day Mom?” then you’ll smile and be ready for them.

These stories had enough of an impact in my life for me to remember them and write about them. They are mainly autobiographical and a few have been published in my other books. My readers enjoyed them so much that I thought I could include them here. The titles include “Becoming a Writer” which is how I got published at the age of 63: “The wisdom of Kindness” is about the real meaning of Ubuntu, “My knitted Skirt” is about my children confronting me about my mothering style. “Polsmoor Prison” is about my visit there and an incident which I remember to this day and so on. It’s a gentle book – except for one story, “My Tenant’s Ironing board”, there’s no horror or dysfunction – so I hope my loyal readers will enjoy this humble offering and not be disappointed.

Date of Publication:
August 2017
ISBN: 9780620761888
Purchase: Please contact Emmaleen Kriel to purchase a copy on The book costs R220 plus postage.