Gang Town by Don Pinnock

13 Dec 2015
Gang Town by Don Pinnock

Why is Cape Town one of the most violent cities on earth? What is it that makes gangs so attractive to young people? Why are drugs so easy to find and so widespread? Why are the police seemingly losing control of the crime situation? Why is it getting worse? These are some of the many penetrating questions in a new book, Gang Town, by top-selling investigative journalist and criminologist Don Pinnock. This is not merely an academic book about the city’s problems. It gives the context to these questions and offers some startling answers.

About the author

Don Pinnock, former editor of Getaway magazine, is also a criminologist who co-drafted the Youth Justice White Paper for the ANC government. He is among South Africa’s top experts on gangsterism and wrote two seminal books on the topic called The Brotherhoods: Street Gangs and State Control and Gangs, Rituals and Rites of Passage. Pinnock is a specialist in adolescent deviance, founder of Usiko, a rehabilitation organisation for high-risk youths, and trustee of the Chrysalis Academy.

Date of Publication: March 2016
ISBN: 9780624067894
Publisher: Tafelberg