For Books’ Sake Calling for Anthology Submissions

19 Jan 2017
For Books’ Sake Calling for Anthology Submissions

Deadline: 26 February 2017

What we want:

Short stories of up to 7,000 words by women writers, responding to the theme of ‘ghosts.’

  • Set your story in any genre, time or place.Your ghosts can be literal or symbolic. Give us haunted houses, people, places or things, urban legends and updated folklore, supernatural cyberpunk or anything sinister and strange.
  • Give us memorable protagonists readers can relate to, and a rich, believable world.
  • We are especially excited by authors and stories focusing on marginalised voices, such as (but not limited to): characters of colour; queer, trans, genderfluid and non-binary characters; disabled characters and characters from low-income backgrounds.
  • We will consider previously published stories as long as you hold the rights, but please make this clear in your submission.

Submissions: For Books’ Sake

(Image courtesy of For Books’ Sake)