Epiphanies by Chris Mann

10 May 2018
Epiphanies by Chris Mann

‘One of the epigraphs to this graceful and lucid volume is from Albert Einstein, and it gives clear expression to Chris Mann’s essential poetic bearing: ‘The most important function of art and science is to awaken cosmic religious feeling’. Epiphanies is imbued with religious feeling, linked to the cosmos, and expressed through elements of both art and science. The content of the poems is often epiphanic, if we understand by ‘epiphany’ the manifestation of that which is greater than ourselves, yet gestured towards through the limited means we have at our disposal: words and images. Mann has a particular ability to body forth the spiritual through the right words and images. Themes in the volume include the healing, peace-inducing power of nature, an understanding and appreciation of the value of the darker aspects of existence, the holiness of the material world and interaction with the shades (signi cant people in our lives, internalised by us).’ – Nicholas Melhuizen, Literator

About the author:
Chris Mann, a South African of English, Dutch and Irish descent, was born in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. He started his working life in rural development and poverty alleviation projects, such as low-cost water-supply and sanitation, small-scale agriculture and labour-intensive public works including secondary road and pipeline construction. This multi-faceted, multi-talented writer has also taught English in a rural school, lectured in English at Rhodes University and worked in teacher development and job creation. He has volunteered for various trusts, has been a parish councillor and was a founder and song-writer of Zabalaza, a cross-culture band performing in English and Zulu.

ISBN: 9780620762632
Release date: 2017
RRP: R117