Eloquent Body by Dawn Garisch

01 Mar 2012
Eloquent Bodies

Part autobiography, Dawn Garisch looks at her split life as a doctor and a writer. She shows how science and art perceive the world and investigate the truth using very different methods. It examines the crisis of trust and the problem of anxiety in the modern world, particularly as this relates to creativity and to the body, and points to how our strategies for coping with stress often make things worse. It looks at recent developments in neuroscience that indicate that we are not mere prisoners of our inherited DNA.

The book suggests that the tools we use to foster creative projects can assist us to live creative lives. This has implications for our relationship with ourselves, our communities and with the earth.

Date of Publication: March 2012
ISBN: 978-1-920397-39-5
Publisher: Modjaji Books
Reviews: “A richly eclectic, deeply insightful text that draws art and science, poetry and medicine, writing and healing into fertile conversation.” – Ivan Vladislavić