Chilembwe of the Lake by Anthony Fleischer

01 Jul 2010
Chilembwe of the Lake

Chilembwe Ngoni used to catch chambo on Lake Malawi when the fish were plentiful. When his nets were not full, he decided to go to South Africa to find some gold. Deep underground he was hurt in an explosion. Lying in hospital he longed to see the sun on the surface of his Lake. He decided to walk home from the gold mines of Johannesburg to his beloved lake. This is his story.

Chilembwe of the Lake is available for Kindle e-Readers on the Amazon Kindle store as well as the within the relevant stores for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Date of Publication: July 2010
Publisher: Amazon Kindle eBooks

“… the novel has the artistic integrity of genuine tragedy” – The Star, Johannesburg.

“…. here is a novel that restricts the heart by its pity and its poetry” – The Times Literary Supplement, London.