Call for Papers on the Promotion of African Language Literature

28 Feb 2017
Call for Papers on the Promotion of African Language Literature

Deadline: 15 March 2017

The Global African Diaspora Studies (GADS) Research Platform and the University of Vienna are calling for papers for a workshop on strategies for the promotion of African language literature, which will be held during Global Africa Month from 2 – 4 May 2017.

Papers are invited for a workshop, jointly organized by the Global African Diaspora Studies (GADS) research platform, and the Department of African Studies, University of Vienna, on how Africans and other scholars, both in Africa and in the global African Diasporas, can promote African language literature. Following a major debate about the subject-matter of African literature between Ngũugĩi wa Thiong’o (e.g. Ngugi 1986) and others, on the one hand, and Chinua Achebe (e.g. Achebe 1989) and others, on the other hand, the question what African literature is still remains largely unanswered. We are instead treated to paradigms by Europhone Africans like Anglophone African Literature, Francophone African Literature, Lusophone African literature, and, presumably in the near future, Sinophone African literature but hardly do we hear enough of the essential paradigm: Afriphone African Literature!

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