Call for Papers for the Writing for Liberty Conference 2017

13 Sep 2016
Call for Papers for the Writing for Liberty Conference 2017

Deadline: 11 November 2016

Lancaster University and the University of the Western Cape will be holding the second Writing for Liberty Conference from 27 to 29 March 2017. Poet, journalist and academic Antjie Krog will be the keynote speaker.

The Conference is calling for academic papers and creative writing for reading and performance:

This will be the second Writing for Liberty conference. Its aim will be to build upon and extend the dynamic debates and discussions begun during the first WFL Conference, hosted by Lancaster’s Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research in 2015. Once again it will seek to promote debate around fundamental issues of human liberty through the agency of creative and critical writings. We are now requesting academic papers and new creative writings for reading and performance. The Writing for Liberty Conference 2 will be a three-day conference that will focus on the relationship between forms of creative writing and questions of personal, artistic, social, and political liberty. Contributions may refer to any period in history and to any social, political or cultural context, though our main emphasis will be on contemporary writing practice and critical/theoretical response.

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