Boy on the Wire by Alastair Bruce

09 Feb 2017
Boy on the Wire by Alastair Bruce

A tragic fall in the Karoo in which one of his brothers dies and the other loses all memory of the day changes the life of young John Hyde irrevocably.

In London many years later, the reappearance of his remaining brother disrupts the delicate life John has built, and brings an unsettling recollection of the events that ripped their family apart.

Pulled back to South Africa in spite of himself, John returns to the home he grew up in to face a past that haunts him.

In language pulled so tightly it sings, Alastair Bruce’s Boy on the Wire is an elegy to our fragile memory and the lives entangled in it.

About the author
Alastair Bruce is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Wall of Days and Boy on the Wire. He was born in Port Elizabeth, spending a large part of his childhood on a smallholding outside the city. He currently lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two young children.

Date of Publication: June 2015
ISBN: 9781415207635
Publisher: Umuzi