BK Publishers Looking for Children’s Short Story Writers

05 Nov 2015
BK Publishers Looking for Children’s Short Story Writers

Deadline: 15 December 2015

Press release:

Story brief


BK Publishing wants to invite you to take part in it’s new publishing venture. BK Publishing is a small, independent publishing house which has been in existence for 10 years. The publisher is motivated and passionate about creating book awareness and developing alluring, enchanting, morally sound and affordable reading material for South African children who are from low income families.

In 2009, BK Publishing published Metz and Bop, the big library theft. Next year, BK Publishing wants to publish the next book in the series, Metz and Bop, on the trail of the lost tales. This series is aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 13 in South Africa. Metz and Bop, and the big library theft consisted of 10 short stories, and was 100 pages long. Metz and Bop, on the trail of the lost tales will consist of 5 short stories, and will be between 60 and 70 pages long. These stories must be original children’s stories, exciting, contemporary and mould breaking.

The stories

The 5 stories will each be from a different genre. The genres are comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and sport. BK Publishing needs writers for 3 of these: horror, romance, and sci-fi/fantasy. The theme of the stories has already been determined by the publisher:

Horror: Kids for lunch
One day, a group of friends arrive at school and realise that some of their classmates are missing. During break at the cafeteria, they see something shocking: the missing classmates are on the menu for lunch. Some of the dishes are: Flank of Frank, Naledi’s Nuggets, Leg of Larry, and Sipho Sossatie.

Romance: The plan backfires
There is a boy who really likes a girl, but he doesn’t speak her language. His friends tease him and teaches him rude phrases to tell her. Not knowing he is saying rude phrases, he goes to talk to her. She realises that his friends are the rude ones, and their plan of humiliating him, backfires.

Sci-fi/fantasy: Frustrating Shaka Zulu
A genius boy invents a time machine and travels back in time. He finds himself in the middle of Shaka Zulu’s camp. By trying to fit in, he messes things up and nearly gets killed by Shaka Zulu before he manages to zip himself back to his own time.


Each story must be in English, and between 500 and 800 words. Feel free to submit more than one story of the different genres. Please send stories electronically in Microsoft Word format with 1.5 line spacing before 15 December 2015 to the following address: submissions@bkpublishing.co.za

Payment will be negotiated with the author once the contract has been signed. Thank you for participating in this new and exciting project. For any questions, feel free to contact Chrisna at 012 342 5347 or chrisna@bkpublishing.co.za.


(Image courtesy of BK Publishing)